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Inlays and Onlays

What are Inlays and Onlays?

Inlays and onlays can be considered a mixture between a filling and a crown. The surface area is much larger than what you’d find with a filling, but the inlay and onlay aren’t big enough to cover the entire tooth like you’d find with a crown. Inlays and onlays are made for you to match your existing smile. They are durable and long-lasting, often providing patients with up to 30 years of functionality.

Why do you need Inlays and Onlays?

You may need an inlay or onlay if a tooth has broken, fractured or chipped. The area may not be large enough for a full crown, but a filling isn’t the right option to repair the problem. You may choose inlays and onlays because they are more durable than typical fillings and last decades longer than this particular option. Inlays and onlays are made specifically for you, so they blend seamlessly into the rest of your smile.

Inlays and onlays are made specifically for you, so they blend seamlessly into the rest of your smile.

What makes you a good candidate for Inlays and Onlays?

In order to determine if you’re a good candidate for inlays and onlays, you’ll need to come in for an examination. We can help determine if this particular procedure is right for you. Some of the reasons you might want to consider inlays and onlays include:

• You have a large break, fracture or chip in one or more of your teeth
• You have a large cavity
• You have a large, older filling in need of replacing
• You want a durable, long-lasting restoration

What happens during the procedure for Inlays and Onlays?

You will first receive anesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable for you. The area will be slightly buffed and prepared for the inlay or onlay. Impressions are made of the area and sent off to a dental lab. There, the onlay or inlay is made for you and sent back to our office. You will need to come back in to have the inlay or onlay permanently placed. With proper care, you can expect your inlay or onlay to last anywhere from 20 to 30 years.

If you are interested in an inlay or onlay, call our office today so that we can answer your questions regarding this procedure and help with scheduling an appointment.