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Dental Emergencies

What are Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies can occur at virtually any time. They can be uncomfortable, frightening and even frustrating. If left untreated, a dental emergency can get worse, cause an abscess or result in further oral injury. For this reason, it is crucial that you come into the office as soon as you begin experiencing an emergency.

What might constitute a Dental Emergency?

If you are experiencing a dental situation that is causing you discomfort or frustration, it’s important to contact our office to be seen right away. Dental emergencies can be handled quickly and comfortably, leaving you with a healthy smile. Some of the most common emergencies seen regularly include:

• Discomfort and abscesses
• Lost fillings, crowns and bridge work
• Implant complications
• Extraction complications
• Cracked, broken or fractured teeth
• Gum bleeding and swelling
• Wisdom teeth

If you are experiencing a dental situation that is causing discomfort or frustration, it's important to contact our office to be seen right away.

Why do you need to visit the office for Dental Emergencies?

While you might hesitate to rush to the office for a dental emergency, it’s important to remember that emergencies that are left untreated can become worse. If a tooth is severely decayed and causing you discomfort, it can develop an infection. Dental emergencies can get in the way of your normal daily activities, causing you to miss out because of discomfort. The majority of emergencies can be handled in the same day as your appointment.

What happens during the procedure for a Dental Emergency?

You will first come into our office and have x-rays taken of the area that is bothering you. A thorough examination is performed to see what the problem could be and to create a comprehensive treatment plan. If an infection is present, you will be given a prescription for antibiotics and may be rescheduled to have the work done once the infection has cleared. Depending on the specific emergency that you’re dealing with, you can expect to have the work done in the same day that you come in. It is important to keep up with your preventative care regimen to prevent future emergencies. We can help establish you as a patient in our office to help improve your oral health.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and need to be seen right away, call our office so that one of our helpful staff members can further assist you.